Beyond the boundaries

Beyond the boundaries

K’space takes cultural fusion to a new level, creating fascinating and beautiful home spaces by mixing and matching styles and colors and taking inspiration in openness and playfulness.

K’space aims to create high-quality luxury lifestyle goods at reasonable prices.

Mix & Match to Create New Trends

Since its founding in 2005, k’space’s sharp-eyed purchasing team has been spotting leading trends and expanding their discoveries to bring beauty into the home.

K’space sees itself as a “space” rather than a store and foregoes conventional display methods to juxtapose the classic and the trendy. Every life is unique and should never be bound by rigid frameworks and standards. Follow your heart’s desire and make your own home reflect who you really are.

Mini Gallery Exhibitions

Intermittent exhibitions, creative fairs, and auctions are held so that specially invited guest designers can present a wide range of new propositions for home furnishings.

K’space aims to promote the aesthetics of living and uses its brand as a platform to build recognition. Prominent speakers are invited to the K’S-Salon to discuss the aesthetics of living. What you find here is not over-the-top marketing language or dazzling audiovisual effects, but countless real-life stories shared by like-minded people.

Previous speakers:

Lo Ta-yu (singer)
Chang Hsiao-yen (TV presenter)
Mickey Huang (TV presenter)

Film arts
Tsao Jui-yuan (director)
Wang Han-hsun (photographer)
Estella Huang (film critic)

Jon Agee (winner of the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award)
Tsao Jun-yen (illustrator)
Tang Tang (illustrator)
Page Tsou (illustrator)

Hsu Hui-chih (poet)

Bertrand Pellissier (French architect and master lacquer designer)

Fine dining and travel
Lanshu Chen (named Asia’s Best Female Chef by Veuve Clicquot)
Hsu Hsin-yi (founder of Ifuntuan and food critic)
Ni Hsiao-chiao (fine dining and travel consultant)

Gary Chang (Hong Kong architect and interior designer)
Ann Yu-chien (architect)
Yen Chung-hsien (architect and cross-disciplinary artist)

Shona Nunan (Italy-based Australian sculptor)

Chiu I-wen (Cloud Gate Dance Theatre soloist)

Stephane Dou (founder and creative director of DOUCHANGLEE)
Xiao Si (stylist)